Friday, September 17, 2010

New York's Not My Home

Today I spent the afternoon/early evening on a dock watching the sun sparkle on the water and surround the geese and ducks.  The marina was full of swanky boats that looked like homes rather than vessels to explore the water.

While I was dangling my feet in the water I began thinking about Jim Croce's song, New York's Not My Home.  I think that describes the way I feel right now.  I kept rerunning the line, ""Cause I know that I've gotta get outta here,  I'm so alone, Don't you know that I've gotta get outta here, 'Cause New York's not my home."  If you replace the word New York with Alton, then that whole phrase corresponds to my feelings.

I know it's important to be grateful, and I really am happy to be here, but I like the smell of the ocean and the breeze that twists your insides because it's just so wonderful and beautiful and penetrating.  I think this happens to me every time I leave home for school.  Oh well.  School's not my home.

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