Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend at Margot's

I spent the weekend off campus without Internet.  It was wonderful.  I had a harder time distracting myself.

The breeze on Sunday was so refreshing.  I am so glad the heat has subsided.

I am thoroughly prepared for fall, but not summer.  Man, it wasn't even that hot during the supposed "heat" of summer in Maine.  I love the sea; it moderates everything.

While I was hanging out with Margot, I wrote this poem.

Carefully, carefully I open the door
And then loudly, loudly I speak my piece.
I enter and conquer and then regret
That I seem to have the power to forget
That I told you I would be humble
And be your quiet and grateful guest.
Please forgive me, I ask and plead,
I don't have the power to succeed
In following through with the goals I set.
While speaking you look at me curiously
And I decide you probably just don't care.
And you reaffirm my thoughts with your regret
That you didn't have time to listen to me.