Friday, September 3, 2010

Losing myself in Montreal

This morning I headed out of the beautiful state of Maine to experience a new part of the country before engulfing myself in classes.  Upstate Maine is incredible.  The mountains look like giants lying on their backs and sunning their enormous pot bellies.

My first adventure began when I hit the road.  My first stop was Rockland to take some pictures.  Well, that adventure ended with a scraped shin and toe.

The second adventure occurred when I tried to park my car in Montreal.  I had to pay $16 for the one hour I parked in this lot that I somehow managed to find when I discovered I have no idea how Montreal's roads work and was thoroughly lost.  It also was extremely difficult/ impossible to direct myself in a province that only has signs in French when I can hardly understand simple Spanish conjugates.

Needless to say, it was an adventurous day and I am enjoying sitting still without worrying about how much money my car is costing me.

Also, I remembered that when I begin eating after not for many hours I want to consume exorbitant amounts of food.


  1. Thanks! It definitely was educational with a dash of fright and a top of excitement. It was fascinating to see how thrilled I was to get into Ontario and see signs in English and French.