Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Late Night Moral Reasoning

What a day.  It both began and ended with moral reasoning, the class that I am attending.  Well, it's not really a class.  It's more of a mandatory time spent talking with other people from my dorm and my Resident Counselor about morals and our understanding of our morals.

Tonight we watched "He's Just Not That Into You."  It was so much fun to watch the movie with 5 other girls and 6 boys.  The boys agreed with the advice the main girl, Gigi, received from Alex.  It is true that if a guy wants a relationship he will make it happen.  It's good to know that the movies do portray truths.

My RC asked us at the end of the movie if we like drama.  I said I enjoy theater, and then I thought about whether I do like drama.  It's a simple question, but it has made me wonder whether I really do or do not like the drama that ensues when you don't know how someone feels about you, and the drama that ensues when you are keeping a relationship secret, or any other type of personal drama.  I think I like drama with happy endings.  I don't think anyone likes drama where they are unhappy at the end of the ordeal and other people are bleeding.

It's so difficult to figure out morals.  I wonder all the time whether I am living by my highest morals and if I feel alright about who I am and the choices I make.  I think this class has made me wonder more about what I believe and who I am than my usual musings.  I hope I have the courage to live up to my expectations.  

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