Monday, September 6, 2010

The First 24 Hours

I have officially been at college for over 24 hours, and what a jam-packed time it has been.  Over the summer everything was quiet and calculated, and I forgot how much happens at school and how many friends I have that enjoy a good adventure.  I also forgot that when there is a lot less privacy, and the emotion I feel that I need to become this person so other people can relate to me.  The feeling may be more related to the thought that I must remain the person I was last year, but I feel like things in my life have changed.

During this past day I have made my room look like a hurricane raced across it (maybe this is where Hurricane Earl hit), have met with my friends, and have attended the Japanese Festival at the Botanical Garden.

The Japanese Festival was incredible!  The last time I went to this festival I was 4 years old.  My parents were having marital issues, and my mom decided to visit her sister in St. Louis over Labor Day weekend.  I remembered the huge golden fishes, the large water display I could walk on, and Japanese lanterns.  Otherwise the greatest memory I have is walking a lot and wanting to stop and sit down with a big bottle of water.

Today I was with Natious at the gardens.  He brought me to see the drummers and Sumo wrestlers.  I must admit the wrestlers were very intimidating, especially the 400 pound one.  He was enormous!  I wonder what it would feel like to have a breast size like him.

To back track, when I was on the road on Sunday the sound of the road bumped and pounded in my head.  I kept thinking that the sound wanted me to remember, reminisce, regret, and repress my life because on the road the past doesn't matter and regrets are unnecessary.  The necessary thought is what's happening now, and the people I see here.

Here's a little fun fact to end this entry.  On Saturday I decided to keep driving even after the sun had set although I knew it would be smart to stop driving sooner rather then later.  I went through customs and entered Michigan at 10:30pm, and at 11 stopped for the night.  Apparently sketchy motels don't follow their own policies, because I am not 21 and the motel I stopped at had a tacked up policy inside the office that clearly stated you must be 21 to rent a room.  I even had to show my ID, but it didn't seem to phase the foreign lady who gave me the key card to my room.  I must admit I was most grateful that she didn't think it was important to turn me away because I am 20 years old.  I decided to pay with cash at this motel.

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