Saturday, October 30, 2010

Writers don't "want" to write, they "need" to write

Here is a sting of my thoughts:

Do I need to write, or do I just write because I don't know another way to express myself?
If I was put here for a reason, why do I keep working so hard to understand why I am here?
If we all feel so strongly and as if we need to be unique, why don't we all get along?
All is such an inconclusive term.  What does it mean to be all?  Does that mean there is a limit?
Limits and limiting.  Sheesh.  Is the sky the limit?  Does the sky have a limit?
Where did all this questioning begin?  Why do we question?
Did God want us to prove that there is a God over and over again?
Why do some people fear questioning?  Do they think there isn't an answer, and that's what we should fear?
Sometimes I fear there won't be any more questions.  

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