Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's Past Midnight!!

I would be a pumpkin right now, not a carriage if I was in a fairy tale.  Thankfully I am not in a fairy tale, but I missed the midnight deadline, and now I have missed my goal of writing a blog a day!  But thankfully, this life is not a fairy tale, and the amount of blogs I have written will probably even out to be close to the deadline I created for myself.

Today was full of activities, and now it is midnight, and I have not finished my homework and I have not completed all of the necessary chores to be ready tomorrow to take on the day.  But I will take on the day.  I will do the best I can, and I will try to talk less.  Or maybe, it's talk more efficiently.

This evening I spent over an hour in the library computer lab with two other English Literature majors talking about requirements and what we need to do to graduate on time.  I was moved to tears through laughter, and I feel so upbeat while talking with my fellow English majors.  I really do love English.  It's a fascinating subject, and it causes wonderful discussions.


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