Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Night in the Pub

It's been a quiet day, a loud day, a contemplative day, and a day for ignoring what I'm thinking.  It's been a day of feeling excited and a day of introverted thoughts.  I think I should stop before I try to rival Charles Dickens.  

I went to a church off-campus today and loved it.  It was so beautiful and calming. 

The few minutes I spent in the park in the square was my favorite part of the day.  Grandparents with their dogs mingled with parents with their little children.  The children had no cares or worries.  They expressed themselves so openly and without any reservations.  They reacted purely, but I could tell that many of them were beginning to assess what their parents wanted and decide whether or not to obey.  

Now it's night and I'm in the pub wearing my overalls.  Overalls are amazingly comfy and comforting.  If I had more of them that weren't just work pants, then I would wear them everywhere.  I wouldn't even worry what people think.  I think comfort is an important aspect of clothing.  Now on to the reason I am at college--to learn.

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