Tuesday, August 9, 2011

PEI in the Rain

My sister and I went to Prince Edward Island with her boyfriend.

I learned a lot on this trip.

1) Traveling with a couple is difficult.
--My sister and her boyfriend needed their alone time, I needed my alone time, and we all needed to be heard.  It's important to "express yourself," to quote Madonna, and this includes letting each other know when things are working out well and when they need to change. We all became better at talking with each other as the weekend progressed.

2) It is a good idea to be organized.
--Cramped quarters don't work well when it's raining outside and everyone's stuck in a small car.

3) Being a vegetarian is smart :)
--Boca burgers take much longer than meat to go bad.

4) Camping is expensive.
--Expect to drop a few bucks.

5) Sleeping in a car isn't that bad.
--Just pull up a sleeping bag, a couple of pillows, and put the seat back.  The Toyota Corolla fit all three of us.  We slept in a church parking lot.  No one questioned us.  Maybe that's because we parked the car at 10pm and left by 5:30am.

6) Oh, and rain may flood your tent if you aren't prepared.

I enjoyed staying in PEI at Cavendish.  Despite the expensive campground, and the rain, it was really gorgeous.  I liked the whole vacation. However, the vacation seemed more like a chance to learn about myself than to relax.  Except there was one day when we were stationary that gave me time to read a short book.  I really liked having my own small space to myself.  I could decide when to sleep, where I wanted to sleep, and how long I wanted to stay out watching the tide roll in and rush out.

Now I am back home with my family.

It's crazy to think there are only two weeks left of summer vacation before the school grind and giddiness begins again.

It's weird how life progresses.  My little brother Hammy (nickname) and I were talking about life this evening.  Sometimes it doesn't make sense.  It seems like we live in a dream and our words don't mean anything, but they do.  Our words hold together this world and this society.

Lies don't work.

Jazz-Bear, my sister's boyfriend and I were talking about one of our common acquaintances who is a compulsive liar.  When Jazz-Bear figured this out after they had known each other for a summer, he decided to end their friendship.

Lies and words do matter.  They make and break friends.  And we seem to need friends in this existence.  Through relationships we learn about ourselves and each other.  We trust.  I think justifying life is impossible.  It just is.

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