Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Leaving Home Blues

This is my last day at home.

This week has been really great, which makes it even harder to say good-bye to my family and the Maine coast.

Yesterday, my family and my friend, Ember, and her family went on a sailing adventure.  Ember and I got totally soaked twice as the waves crashed over the bow of the boat.  We were sitting as close to the forestay as possible, and when the wind picked up the bow fell into the water and the water fell onto the forward deck.

My brother tried to help us by bringing out a towel.  Then it was wet.  And then he tried to keep the towel between his legs to catch the waves.  He ended up looking like a circus performer as he perched against the side rails with the towel billowing between his legs.

This week I have seen Garrison Keillor in concert, been to Castine, and seen the new Planet of the Apes film.  Overall it's been a great week.

In 24 hours I will be heading to the Midwest.

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